Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf is the daughter of Kalypso and Zach. It was Kalypso's last litter and Zach's first daugther and she was so promising that we quickly decided to keep her at home.

She has many of the same qualities as her sister Bine: excellent lenght of body, heavy boning, very promising triangle with nice straight sidelines, and long straight profile line and a good chin. Her coat quality is very promsing, the tail is long and her temperament is just charming. She is a quiet girl, and she has no fun out of going to shows, so we have decided to let her stay at home.

From her very first litter of 5 fine babies we have kept a real charmer, Jambalaya.


Colour: NFO n 0923
Born: 14. february 2005
Father: IC Tilia Nova's Zacharias
Mother: IC Tilia Nova's Kalypso
Breeder: Tilia Nova
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