IC Tilia Nova's Bobbasina

Tortie and white girls have always been special - and Bobbasina is no exception. She is pretty and charming and as her mother, Kalypso, will soon be too old to have kittens, it was natural for us to keep "Bine" at home.

It will be fun to watch her grow up.

She has started her show career with bravour - shown three times in class 6-10 she has won 2 x BIV, 3 x NOM, and 1 x BIS.

In 2004 she was 7th best kitten in Norsk Skovkattering and 9th best kitten in DARAK.

She has a number of litters, and has been a wonderful mother. From her 2nd litter Harrietta stays at home, and we have also kept Opal from the O-litter. The P-litter was also quite lovely, and Patty and Pussy stayed at home.



NFO f 09


25. August, 2003


GIC Tigressan's Macaij


IC Tilia Nova's Kalypso


Tilia Nova


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